How to Choose a Harley Motorcycle

February 11th, 2019 by

Time to choose your next, or first, Harley-Davidson motorcycle? Stop by Myers-Duren Harley-Davidson, proudly serving Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’ll help you find the perfect Harley bike for you.


First and foremost, consider how you’re going to use your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Not every rider wants to ride the same way or go to the same places, so Harley-Davidson makes different bikes to fit different riding needs. For example, if you prefer long-distance riding, then you’ll probably want to check out the touring bikes. If you’re more interested in stylish, city riding, then something like Softail family or the Street bikes might be your best choice. There are also trikes, custom models, and so much more. Just keep in mind what riding style is right for you so we can find the bike to match.


Finding the right size motorcycle is your next step. You’ll probably find many Harley-Davidson motorcycles are big, but there are some smaller, lighter weight models. These smaller models can be ideal for first-time owners, as they’ll be easier to handle and control. Then again, big bikes can give you more stability, if you’re a little more experienced.

Also sit on the bike and see how it fits your body. Harley motorcycles are built with a one size fits all standard, but the company also provides a plethora of aftermarket parts to adjust the bike to fit your particular body size. This includes adjusting foot rests, handlebars, and the seat height to help bring the controls closer to you or allow you to stretch out.


Of course you’ll still want to think about getting a bike you can afford. Give yourself a range that’s both affordable to you and realistic for the market. You don’t want to put yourself in a financial bind, but you also don’t want to limit your options so much that there’s nothing available to you. Don’t forget about other spending points, like gear, maintenance, and registration. This will help you figure out a long-term budget, as well as initial spendings.

Now all that’s left is to stop by Myers-Duren Harley-Davidson so we can help you find the perfect bike for you! We welcome all riders from Broken Arrow and Bixby, Oklahoma.

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