The Best Way To Wash Your Motorcycle

May 2nd, 2019 by

There’s nothing quite like covering miles on your bike on a breezy, beautiful day. As you ride past different landscapes, you not only pick up memories but also the dust, bugs, and grime of each area. The only people who truly get excited by a grime-coated motorcycle are the DNA-swabbing and microscope-analysing crime stopper types (and maybe off-road riders). Regardless you should get a proper motorcycle cleaning kit and clean your bike with good cleaning products to give it that ‘ready to ride’ look.

You can follow the steps below to wash your motorcycle or bring it over to the Myers-Duren Harley-Davidson® dealership in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’ll not only give it a good clean but also service and repair it while you browse through our motorclothes merch. We proudly serve the areas of Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby, and Glenpool, Oklahoma.

Items You Need

Gather all the things you’ll need in a space big enough to clean and move around in. There are a variety of cleaning kits and products that can give your motorcycle the shiny or matte look you’d like. Also have in hand a sponge for a good rubdown, brushes for cleaning hard-to-reach bits, a cloth, and a chamois for drying.

Prep Time

It’s better to place your bike in the shade when washing it as the sun might dry the soap when you lather, leaving streaks across your machine. Make sure your bike is cool before you start cleaning it because cold water on hot metal isn’t good for your motorcycle. Plug the exhaust with rags or gloves so that water does not enter it.

Spritz And Wipe

Every good motorcycle cleaning kit should obviously have a good spray cleaner. Spritz the body with a mix of motorcycle cleaner and water. Don’t start scrubbing just yet. You want the dirt to come loose or it will leave scratch marks. Allow the cleaner to work its magic and then use a standard-pressure hose to wash the dirt off.

Get Sudsy

Apply the right motorcycle cleaning product for each surface that you are working on. Work your way from top to bottom so that you don’t have to redo any bits you’ve already soaped. Don’t use too much pressure when cleaning, a gentle scrubbing should be good enough. If possible, avoid getting soap and water onto your bike’s chain and brakes. If they do get soapy, don’t scrub them. You might have to use the brush to clean the wheels and nooks and crannies of your motorcycle.

Rinse And Dry

As soon as you finish lathering your bike, wash it off. Don’t let the soap dry on the surface or it will leave streaks. It is equally important to dry it off ASAP. Water in small crevices can cause rusting. Use your cloths for the bigger parts and an air dryer or leaf blower to completely dry the hard-to-reach areas. You might be tempted to take your bike for a spin to dry it out but avoid doing that, especially if your bike has fairings. It won’t dry the bike completely and will lead to corrosion.

Final Touches

Now that your bike is good and dry, get the motorcycle lubricant out of your kit and lubricate the chain. The soapy water probably washed the old lubricant off so this is a necessary step. You can polish and wax your motorcycle to preserve its good looks. It you’re worried about the sun damaging your bike’s colors, use a sealant with UV protection that prevents fading.

Your bike is now clean and ready to take you to your next ride. Remember, however, this was just an outer cleanse. If you want your motorcycle to be in top shape it’s probably best to get it serviced professionally. At our Myers-Duren Harley-Davidson® dealership in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we offer parts and service, motorclothes, and even motorcycle classes for those who need them. Just ask our satisfied customers from not only Tulsa but also Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby, and Glenpool, Oklahoma.

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